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Leading up to its second year, ALH were in need of an extensive rebranding of their festival Ozfest. Establishing the relationship, Ozfest and it's notable success lead to the similar treatment to the very first, Shakafest in 2016. Selling out of both tier tickets in record time the following year, Shakafest and Ozfest are quickly becoming recognisable, and iconic Aussie festivals.

Riding off record ticket sales in March of this year, Shakafest now in it's second year running is one of the main festival branding projects. An extremely in-depth package of assets both digital and print, small and very large are prepared and released to announce dates accordingly. Each festival looks at releasing content over a round-about eight month period, working in collaboration with third party marketing agencies. 

A website with analytics and routed ticket links are all prepared prior to the festival's announce dates acting as an landing page or an interactive version of the respective year's feature artwork. That website an any other digital platform is carefully designed coherently and equipped with the necessary assets to update all platforms as new information is released by the promoters.

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