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With over 5 million apps on the Google Play and Apple Stores the most important aspect of an application is design. How immediate the visual translation of the application's purpose is determines how effective the app is at standing out. Using the same laws as Icons or Symbolic logos the icon must be recognisable. The translation of information must be instant and the symbolic shapes must be clear.


Colours and Typefaces will build the core of the apps mood but it's shapes and use of space will aid the point of difference.



An App is treated like any other company or brand. It requires a clear indication of all the brand's standard application. Letterheads, business cards, fonts, colour schemes and all other relevant social media and digital assets are carefully created.

As the foundations of the brand are boldly established, accompanying documents and supporting brand material needs to be prepared in great detail.


Even if the app of startup idea hasn't reached wireframe or technical development it's important to provide the brand with strong supporting assets for future designs or app functionality. Icons, buttons and of course website assets are all included in building the app's fundamental elements. Landing pages can be an excellent place to gain hype or attention, it's even an effective way of gaining interest of RD funding. 

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