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This major re-brand took a previously established company and looked at modernising and creating a mild visual language that could link the three subsidiary companies that sat under the one parent company, SGC Group. 

The SGC logo was to be used as the main representation of the group. This took a considerable amount of drafts before the client was satisfied with the logo's simplicity and iconic potential. As simple as it seems the logo is a vinyl or disc inside a box. What is not seen of the disc represents the hidden artistry behind music while what is within the box represents what the press behind art strategically choses to show. This is more or less what the company does. 

The first subsidiary company, Title Track required simply a more unique version of their already rather recognisable previous logo. Typography was put to work and with slight differences and unique styles the previous, 'stock-font' logo was brought to life.

Minor//Major was always intended to reflect simplicity and minimalism. Out of the three press arms, Minor//Major offered a stripped back service. It's for this reason after receiving an email from the MM team, there in the footer was the double slash which quickly became the icon for the company. 




Each of the three logos required a new or updated webpage. The designs need to be optimised for constant content updating. It was important the elements of the previous sites weren't lost rather revisited and re-integrated creatively. 


You can visit the SGC Media site here.

You can visit the Title Track site here.

You can visit the Minor//Major site here.

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