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Digital Currency Experts had a rather clear idea of how what the company had to represent. The companies focus is around finance and in particular and a rather grey area known as, cryptocurrencies. 'A stepping stone' or 'pathway' were the main visual points that were taken from the brief. 


The logo attempts to replicate a kind of spiral staircase, using a collection of otherwise rather unorthodox colours. It was important not to give the company too much of a corporate feel as it's intention is to attract interest and possible investment. The investors needed to feel they were buying into something new and inviting, forward thinking and modern. These are the reasons behind the almost fluorescent colour scheme. 

The cat symbol acts as an icon for the investor or client, either sitting on the outside of the staircase in curiosity or perched atop the last stair waiting for the next step. A supporting website was prepared in addition to the branding elements, you can see the website here.


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